Glamour Girls Kids Day Spa

Pamper me pretty
From head to toe
Pamper my party
The candles I’ll blow
Pamper my friends
With bling, glitz & glow
Into a Glamour Girl
We will all grow

‘Glamour Girl’ Kids Day Spa is the perfect party venue to pamper and create every girls dream pamper party.

From facials to foot spas, shimmery polish to shiny gloss. From pink lemonade to the lolly buffet, invites to gift bags and all the fun and fuss in between. Our kids day spa party packages will take care of all your pamper party needs.

With girls of our own, we have learnt that all girls love to look like their mums and experiment a ‘Glamour Girl’ world, whilst still being their young innocent selves and having fun with their girlfriends.

We invite you to come along and experience with your daughter a ‘Glamour Girl’ Day Spa Party.



146 William Street, Earlwood, NSW 2206